Sci-Fi Space Ship Deck Plan Stencils

For use with Microsoft Visio 2000

Ideal for use with the Traveller® Role Playing Game

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For use with Microsoft ViSiO

Visio CorporationVisio Corporation Visio is now owned by Microsoft and is one of the complimentary products for Microsoft Office. It is a drag and drop drawing and flow charting programme, ideal for plans.
You will need to know or learn how to use Visio in order to get the best from these stencils. Visio is very easy to use but also has some powerful drawing features.
These stencils were created with Visio 2000.


I have drawn myself deck plan shapes and made them in to ViSiO for Windows, stencils. These are designed to match the style of the Original Traveller® game. Based round a 1.5m square they can be used with 15mm figures.

Using these Stencils

The stencils and template file should be copied to the same folder. You can open either individual stencils or the whole workspace. For convenience I have included the template 'Space Ship Deck Plans.vst' If this is copied to a sub folder of the Visio 'Solutions' folder, with the name, 'Space Ship Deck Plans' it can be opened like any other Visio library.

'C:\Program Files\Visio\Solutions\Space Ship Deck Plans'

Open the template to create a new drawing. Change the page scale to an appropriate size for the vessel being designed. In Traveller® approximately two squares are used for each ton of ship.

First lay down the grid patern on the page. This gives a guide to placing the deck. Overlay the basic hull shape using the shapes provided. Remember all the shapes can be rotated or streched to make different ships.

To create a door way drag the hatches over the wall, the symbol, plus a gap for the door way will be shown.

Experiment with the shapes and the symbols provided to come up with your designs.

The template page provided already has the grid laid down and the 'Grid' layer locked. To change the grid you will need to unlock the grid layer properties. From the menu select View -> Layer Properties, then untick 'Lock.'


Visio CorporationDownload the Sci-Fi Visio stencils in a Zip file format [760k] - version 1.4

What's included?

Within the zip file is a template workspace, three Stencils and a sample completed Spaceship. The three stencils are Starship, Starship labels and Traveller. The Workspace has a page pre-scaled and with the grid and key in place. This is a useful starting point for all deck plans. The sample spaceship [200K low resolution jpeg image] is the ship I created the stencils to design. You can also download a high resolution version [1.1Meg jpeg image]. suitable for printing.

Starship Stencil
This contains all the elements to create a ship. Various shapes to create hulls, cabins and doors.

Starship Labels Stencil
This is just the standard parts of a Traveller space ship. They are set in a font size to match the standard template scale. It saves having to create exactly the same text for all your ships. Just drag and drop these in place.

Also on this stencil are various keys to the symbols to include on your finished plans.

Traveller Stencil
This contains standard ships that are used regularly as ships boats or as the basis for a modified ship. (At the moment there is only one Launch, but I expect to add to this in time.) You can add you own small ships to this stencil.

Other things to use
As all the Sci-Fi objects are created to scale, all of the other Stencils included with Visio can be used on your Space ships plans. The office layout shapes, funiture and Bathrooms and kitchen stencils provided by the Technical edition of Visio 2000 are all compatible with the Starship stencils.

Although Traveller Deck plans do not normally include funiture, you could elaborate on a standard plan and add furniture details using the standard ViSiO stencils.

Public Domain

As long as you own a copy of Microsoft Visio you may use the drawings for any purpose.

John C. Brown, Essex, England.

Latest modification, 28 May 2001.

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